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Number two on the list of top barbershop chorus contest performances of all-time is The Westminster Chorus at the International Barbershop Harmony Society convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on July 2nd, 2010.

Westminster scored 2,932 points, a 97.7 average. They sang “It Only Takes A Moment” and “Mardi Gras March.” “Mardi Gras March” was particularly impressive, as they averaged more than 98 percent in all categories, scoring a total of 1475 out of a possible 1500 points.

Here is “It Only Takes A Moment.”

And here is “Mardi Gras March.”

Here’s the list of top chorus performances so far:

2. The Westminster Chorus, 2010, 2,932 points, 97.7%
3. The Ambassadors of Harmony, 2009, 2,926 points, 97.5%
4. The Westminster Chorus, 2015, 2,924 points, 97.5%
5. The Vocal Majority, 2010, 2913 points, 97.1%
6. The Vocal Majority, 2018, 2912 points, 97.1%
7. The Ambassadors of Harmony, 2016, 2,904 points, 96.8%
8. The Vocal Majority, 2014, 2,903 points, 96.8%
9. Ambassadors of Harmony, 2012, 2,903 points, 96.8%
10. Ambassadors of Harmony, 2019, 2,896 points, 96.5%

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