Top 10 Barbershop Chorus Contest Performances – Number 3 – The Ambassadors of Harmony

Number three on the list of top barbershop chorus contest performances of all-time is The Ambassadors of Harmony at the International Barbershop Harmony Society convention in Anaheim, California on July 3rd, 2009.

The Ambassadors scored 2,926 points, a 97.5 average. They sang “If You Love Me, Really Love Me” and “Seventy Six Trombones.”

Here is the performance of “If You Love Me, Really Love Me.”

And here is “Seventy Six Trombones.”

The video of “Seventy Six Trombones” has over three million views on YouTube and is one of the most watched barbershop videos of all-time. The song scored 498 out of a possible 500 points in the presentation category, making it the highest scoring chorus presentation score of all-time still to this day. Three of the five judges gave them 100 out of 100. The roaring standing ovation at the end of the song says it all.

Here’s the list of top chorus performances so far:
3. The Ambassadors of Harmony, 2009, 2,926 points, 97.5%
4. The Westminster Chorus, 2015, 2,924 points, 97.5%
5. The Vocal Majority, 2010, 2913 points, 97.1%
6. The Vocal Majority, 2018, 2912 points, 97.1%
7. The Ambassadors of Harmony, 2016, 2,904 points, 96.8%
8. The Vocal Majority, 2014, 2,903 points, 96.8%
9. Ambassadors of Harmony, 2012, 2,903 points, 96.8%
10. Ambassadors of Harmony, 2019, 2,896 points, 96.5%

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