Top 10 Barbershop Chorus Contest Performances – Number 1 – The Westminster Chorus

The top barbershop chorus contest performances of all-time is The Westminster Chorus at the International Barbershop Harmony Society convention in Salt Lake City, Utah on July 5th, 2019.

Westminster scored 2,937 points, a 97.9 average. This is the highest scoring chorus score of all-time, but it is only five points better than their gold medal performance from 2010. They sang “I’ll Be Here” and “From Now On/Come Alive.” The most impressive category score was the 99% that they scored on “From Now On/Come Alive.”

Here is the performance of “I’ll Be Here.”

And here is “From Now On/Come Alive.” I promise you won’t be able to watch it only one time!

Here is the complete list of the top 10 chorus contest performances of all-time.

1. The Westminster Chorus, 2019, 2,937 points, 97.9%
2. The Westminster Chorus, 2010, 2,932 points, 97.7%
3. The Ambassadors of Harmony, 2009, 2,926 points, 97.5%
4. The Westminster Chorus, 2015, 2,924 points, 97.5%
5. The Vocal Majority, 2010, 2913 points, 97.1%
6. The Vocal Majority, 2018, 2912 points, 97.1%
7. The Ambassadors of Harmony, 2016, 2,904 points, 96.8%
8. The Vocal Majority, 2014, 2,903 points, 96.8%
9. Ambassadors of Harmony, 2012, 2,903 points, 96.8%
10. Ambassadors of Harmony, 2019, 2,896 points, 96.5%

Obviously the list is dominated by three choruses. Wonder if someone can break into the list in the future? The Music City Chorus from Nashville won the contest this year, scoring a 95.7%, which places them outside of the top ten. And the Ambassadors of Harmony was second, scoring a 95.4%, much less than their silver medal performance in 2019.

Well I finally got through this! I’ll do the quartets eventually, so stay tuned for that!

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