Kansas City Stay At Home Order – Day 22

Welcome to day 22 of the stay at home order!  I got depressed when I saw the headline of the paper today that said Mayor Lucas is thinking of extending the order by three weeks.  Ugh.  How depressing!

I’m not one to sit at home and watch television much unless there are sports on.  I’m not really into watching stuff like Tiger King or whatever the Netflix flavor of the month is.  I don’t even subscribe to Netflix.  I’m needing something to do and at the same time needing to make a little cash on the side and I figured restaurant delivery services have to be doing fairly well right now.  I’ve always been intrigued by services such as DoorDash and Uber so I decided to look into being a DoorDash driver.  It was pretty easy to sign up and they did a simple background check.  I was ready to download the app and start driving almost right away.  I started last night and did it again tonight.  I’ve been making about 20-25 bucks an hour on average and have worked about two or three hours each night.  I was pretty surprised how much you can make and how easy it is.  Some restaurants have special areas for DoorDash drivers to pick up the orders, some bring it out to your car, some make you go inside to get the food and some you can just drive through the drive thru if they have one.  It’s a pretty streamlined process.  We’ll see how long this lasts, but it seems to be going well so far.  Not only can I earn a little extra cash, but it also gives me something to blog about!

Hoping and praying that this stay at home order isn’t extended very long or at all!  Hope you are doing well.

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