• Quorum
    These guys are fantastic. This is a video of them singing at the Midwinter convention in 2024. Iquickly could make a case that they are quickly becoming one of the best barbershop quartets of all-time. And that’s
  • Building The Millennium Falcon
    I received the Lego Millennium Falcon as a Christmas gift from my brother. I’ve always been a Star Wars fan, so this was a neat gift to receive from him. I’ve never put together a Lego model
  • Censorship
    I don’t really watch or listen to Sean Hannity anymore. I agree with his politics, but just don’t care for the approach he uses to communicate during his shows. This video from his television show appeared in
  • From The Couch – RIP Burt Young
    Burt Young died Wednesday, October 18th, 2023 at the age of 83. According to IMDB, Young has 168 acting credits to his name. I’ll always remember him as Paulie, the lovable loser and alcoholic from the Rocky
  • Jeremy’s Razors
    I started with a mail order razor company quite a few years ago. Started with Dollar Shave Club, but didn’t really care for the blades. Switched to Harry’s. Blades were better. Both companies went full woke a
  • Ambassadors of Harmony Win Gold Again
    The Ambassadors of Harmony won the chorus gold medals at the recent Barbershop Harmony Society International Convention in Louisville, Kentucky. They scored a 95.6 average, a score that does not place them among the top 10 chorus
  • RIP Bob Barker
    Bob Barker died at the age of 99. He was the host of The Price Is Right for what seemed like forever, but my favorite Bob Barker moment was his cameo in Happy Gilmore with Adam Sandler…
  • Smoking A Pork Butt On The Traeger
    I decided to have some people over tonight to watch the K-State/TCU game. I also decided to cook a pork butt and have pulled pork as the main dish for dinner. I bought an eight pound Boston
  • Macho Man Randy Savage On BBC In 1992
    This showed up in my recommended videos. I’m a Macho Man fan, so I enjoyed watching this!
  • Florida woman tries to beat DUI test by Irish folk dancing
    Hint: it didn’t. However, the video of her trying to Irish folk dance to get out of a DUI was a valiant effort… Yet another odd “Florida person” story for your Sunday….