I don’t really watch or listen to Sean Hannity anymore. I agree with his politics, but just don’t care for the approach he uses to communicate during his shows. This video from his television show appeared in my recommended videos on YouTube. Anyone that knows me knows that I’m a big advocate of sharing instances of media bias and the lies that they tell over an over, so the headline on this one got me intrigued enough to give it a view. Hannity does nothing but tell the truth in this video that is a little over eight minutes long.

I found it to be a good segment, so I tried to share it on Facebook. They wouldn’t let me share it because it did not meet their “community standards.” What standards? Did it not meet Facebook’s requirement of sharing only left-wing propaganda? What a joke.

So, out of spite, I’m going to try to share this within a blog post on my website. We’ll see if this works or not.

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