From The Couch – Great John Madden Moments

Former NFL hall of fame head coach and announcer John Madden died yesterday at the age of 85. He was simply the best football color commentator of all time and was considered one of the best football coaches of all time. You always knew it was a big game when he was announcing it. The Madden NFL football video game was made because of him and became one of the most popular, if not the most popular, video games of all time. He made football fun to watch because of his commentary. There will never be another John Madden! I have had fun watching some clips of him and thought I’d compile some of my favorites here. Enjoy!

JM: Is if fair to say that John Madden made the “Turducken” a thing? I sure never heard of it before he started talking about it and now people talk about it all the time.

JM: Madden made the most mundane games entertaining due to his quirky commentary, seen here talking about the mother and father Gatorade buckets and the child bucket.

JM: Do “blonde-haired guys” really have trouble growing a beard? Who knows, but listening to Madden making fun of Aikman’s peach fuzz is hilarious.

JM: Oh yeah, he also did commercials for Miller Lite!

JM: “You always block, block, block, then pull up your pants.”

JM: “You could have a barbecue on that head!”

JM: “That’s the camera. That’s the thing that you take the pictures with.” I had never seen this clip before, but it’s great!

JM: Madden was prophetic in 1990 talking about Bill Belichick becoming a great head coach.

JM: He could also provide commentary on the fly about pigeons!

JM: I forgot he also did these Tinactin commercials. These were very popular at the time.

JM: Madden was also great in this cameo in the movie “Little Giants.”

JM: Madden loved him some Brett Favre. “He put all the mustard on the brat” is a GREAT line!

RIP, John Madden. You are missed, but at least we have these videos and audio to help us remember you.

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