Trip To AT&T Kickoff Classic

This weekend I traveled to Arlington, Texas to attend the AT&T college football Kickoff Classic between Stanford and K-State. It was a very fun trip. We left on Friday morning and traffic and construction south of Oklahoma City was horrible. It took over 10 hours to get there when it would normally take about seven and a half hours. We checked in to the hotel and headed down to the “Texas Live” entertainment district near the football stadium and Texas Rangers baseball stadium.

“Texas Live” is comparable to the Power and Light District in Kansas City. St. Louis also has something similar right outside of Busch Stadium downtown. It’s a collection of bars and restaurants and big-screen televisions with a commons area in the middle of all of it for people to hang out. We ate at a restaurant there. The food and drinks are way overpriced, but it was a fun place to hang out.

We got up pretty early on Saturday to get ready and head to the stadium. We took Ubers everywhere rather than driving. Parking was a minimum of 50 dollars at the stadium. The game couldn’t have gone any better! K-State won 24-7 in front of about 30,000 fans, and 95 percent of them were K-Staters. A funny thing happened to me at the game. K-State shows pictures on the jumbotron when you post them on social media with certain hashtags, so I took a picture of our group and posted it. Whoever put the picture on the jumbotron cut my face out of it! As a buddy of mine said, “they only put the pretty people up there!”


After the game, it seemed like the entire stadium headed over to the “Texas Live” area to hang out and party. It was great seeing so many purple-clad fans in what was a bowl game environment. Looking at highlights from games around the country, it appears people are ready to get out and about again, Covid be damned.

We headed back to the hotel to “tailgate” and cooked some brats and burgers and relaxed and watched some of the other football games. Sunday morning we headed back to Kansas City and traffic was not bad at all. Every stop, employees of the gas stations and restaurants looked at our K-State shirts and said “wow, we’ve seen a LOT of you guys this weekend.” K-State fans support their sports teams! It was also nice that the game was within driving distance!

Here are some other pictures I took during the weekend…

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