Drew Brees made some comments about kneeling during the national anthem during an interview yesterday posted on Yahoo Finance.  The video is above and I recommend you watch the whole thing.  It’s only a minute and a half or so.  I watched it and see nothing wrong with a word he said.  I believe most of my friends and family, upon watching the entire clip, would agree.
Brees was attacked on social media and the insane sports media with calls for him to be fired, to quit, or otherwise never play again.  A public lynching, if you will.
ESPN called the comments “controversial.”  The headlines of a few articles on their page all attack him:
“Brees backlash shows NFL lip service won’t be tolerated”
“Wilbon:  Brees apology doesn’t address the issue”
“Stephen A saddened by Drew Brees tarnishing his reputation”
How exactly did he tarnish his reputation?  I didn’t hear one thing wrong with what he said.  To me it shows Brees is a proud American and understands what the flag and the national anthem represent.  In addition he said it in a very eloquent way.
This is the latest example of how our country is far too divided to ever recover.  On face value, most of my family and friends see nothing wrong with what Drew Brees said.  The timing of it was bad, but Brees even addressed the current events in his comments.
He faced such a backlash that he was forced to publicly apologize.  The social media mob claims another victim.

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