Kansas City Stay At Home Order – Day 15

We’ve reached the halfway point of the stay at home order.  It’s all smooth(er) sailing from here, right?

Being out and about at work I’ve noticed traffic is lighter, but there are still a lot of people out.  I’ve gotten mixed signals from a couple of clients about shutting down and/or ramping back up their businesses.  I had a client shut down today for a couple days and we have another client that is beginning a ramp up of employees starting next week with even more the following week after gaining approval.  It’s a pretty good sized government account, which I believe is a good sign.  I think once things open back up that companies will be encouraged to do a slow ramp up of allowing employees in the office.  That’s not based on anything other than my own feelings, but it would make sense to do it that way.

Other than that, I’m still getting my temperature taken a few times a week and taking cleaning precautions at work….wearing gloves, using sanitary wipes and washing my hands a thousand times a day.  Seems to have worked thus far, knock on wood.

I wish people on social media would refrain from lecturing people about staying at home.  Nobody wants to get sick and spread this virus, but you don’t know why people are out and about.  Most have to be at work to make a living.  Some are going to the grocery store or pharmacy.  Some are going for a walk to get out of the house to keep their sanity.  I think we need to be less judgemental and instead try and support each other more.

I’m glad we’ve hit the halfway mark of the stay at home order.  I hope enough progress will be seen that it won’t be extended.  Let’s hope so!  Hope everyone is doing well!

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