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Happy day 11 of the Kansas City stay at home order!  I took the photo above at one of my client sites.  I noticed this setup at two different businesses.  They are only allowing one chair per table and have removed all of the other chairs from the break room.  I guess that’s their way of saying “if you won’t social distance on your own, we’ll make you!”  I’m glad they are doing this, I guess, but it’s just a bit creepy to be honest.

How about that weather today!  Seems like we’ve gone from March right back into February!  32 degrees and freezing rain!  Yikes!

I’ve heard stories that some of the grocery stores are restricting the number of people in their stores at a time.  That’s probably a good thing, but we’ll see how that works.  I need to make a run for “supplies” sometime this weekend so it will be interesting.

Here’s my Coronavirus “rally beard” on day seven of NoShaveCorona.

Hope everyone is doing well.  Try to have a great, positive weekend!

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