Kansas City Stay At Home Order – Day 10

Day 10 of the Kansas City stay at home order.  We’re a third of the way there.  Assuming they don’t extend it, that is.  But let’s not talk about that!

I snapped the above picture at a client site of mine. It caught my attention because of the person in the middle of the circle.  Are all of the people on the outside of the circle waving at him/her or are they holding their hands up to indicate “stay away, please!”  I don’t know, butI found the graphic a bit odd.  I feel sorry for the person in the middle of the circle!  Maybe I’m overthinking it!

There seemed to be more traffic out on the roads and in my accounts than earlier in the week.  I’m staying busy at work, so I guess that’s a good thing.  It’s a weird feeling having the urge to go out to eat at a restaurant and remembering that they’re all closed.  Depressing to think about!  I’ve got to save money right now anyway, so I’ve been cooking at home every meal.  Probably helps with my diet as well.

Today I encountered three people that coughed near me without covering their mouth.  Have these people been living under a rock?  Especially in the times we are living in you would think people would be more thoughtful.  You should cover your mouth anyway, but especially with Coronavirus floating around!

20 days to go!

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