Kansas City Stay At Home Order – Day 34

Day 34 has come and almost gone.  I snapped the picture above at one of my DoorDash stops.  Someone at the restaurant brought in a sewing machine and was making masks for their employees.  Pretty good idea I thought.

Got through the last few days by watching a little bit of the NFL draft, going to dinner at my Mom and Dad’s, having a cookout with some friends and having all the kids over tonight for dinner with some DoorDash driving in between all of that.  Ran into a snag at Walmart grocery today because I got an order for a delivery and I got there and they told me they were two hours behind!  I obviously wasn’t going to wait on the order, so I had to decline it and keep going.  So far HyVee grocery delivery orders have gone off without a hitch.  They’ve got their process down really well.  Walmart obviously still needs to work on theirs.

Some of the stay at home orders end on May 3rd, which is a week from today.  We’ll see if that date sticks or if it is extended further.  Kansas City’s order is currently set to expire on May 15th.  I get the feeling that most of us are ready to get back to some kind of normalcy realizing that businesses and restaurants will have to open with many safety precautions in place.  I hope it happens soon.

Here’s a funny poster I saw someone had taped in the men’s room at one of my client sites…

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