Kansas City Stay At Home Order – Day 26

Day 26 is here.  I can’t help looking at the picture above and thinking Mene Gene is telling them “guys, you shouldn’t shake hands right now.”  Twice in the last week I went to shake hands with someone out of habit.  One was a friend I hadn’t seen in a long time.  He stuck his hand out and I shook it and then I said “I don’t think we’re supposed to shake hands anymore!”  He said something about he didn’t care and I told him I had just sanitized.  The other time was when I went to say goodbye to someone and thank them and I stuck out my hand and he looked at me like I was an alien.  Then I realized he wanted nothing to do with shaking hands.  It was a stark reminder to me and I apologized.  Just goes to show that people are treating this pandemic differently.

Today I went to Aldi to get some hamburger patties.  I walked up to the store and there were three employees out front sanitizing and handing out the shopping carts.  At first I refused, saying “I just need a couple things” and she said “you have to take one so we can keep track of how many are in the store.”  Ok, fine.  When I walked in I noticed the store was a complete mess.  Hardly anything on the shelves and NO meat in the store.  None.  The line for the register was about 25 carts deep and they only had one register open.  I walked right out with my empty cart and handed it to the employee and said “well, you didn’t have what I needed.”

On my way to another store, I stopped off at Metcalf Discount Liquor to pick up something.  It was about 2:00 on a Saturday and the parking lot was packed.  People were walking out with carts full of alcohol.  I’ve never seen anything like it, even the day before a holiday.  The store had the floor taped six feet apart for social distancing, but the way they had it taped off made no sense.  It just seemed like they measured off the entire place in six foot increments with no rhyme or reason to it. Very strange.

I still needed the hamburger patties so I went to what is becoming my favorite local supermarket.  I wlked in and got everything I needed and was out in about five minutes.  Very convenient.  One thing I noticed, however, is that all of these stores make you “social distance” so that you don’t breathe on each other but they allow everyone to use the same credit card keypad one person after another without wiping it down between uses.  So what’s the point?  Can’t you pick up the virus easier from contact vs. breathing on each other?  Who really knows, I guess.  But the lack of consistency in what the stores are doing is odd.

Anyone notice other inconsistencies like that?  I’m curious to hear what you’ve experienced.

Hope everyone is doing well.  The weather is great today and is supposed to be good tomorrow as well!

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